The Industry Today

There have now been 446 more engine installs than this time last year.

The August install total of 124 engines was lower than expected but it did take the total number of installs this year to more than by the end of August last year. There have now been 460 more single-aisle engine installs but 14 fewer widebody engine installs. All the single-aisle engine programs have had more installs this year but three widebody engine programs have had fewer.

The August install total may have been the largest for the month of August since 2018 but the industry was probably expecting to see more installs than in July and numbers climbing to a peak in September. Instead there were fewer installs than in July and just over half the number in June. There were 108 single-aisle engine installs in the month, the third lowest this year, and 16 widebody engine installs, for the second month in a row. There have been lower widebody engine installs in the past 12 months, but only twice.

So far this year there have been 674 CFM installs, including 614 LEAP installs. This is 344 more than by the end of August last year. Pratt & Whitney have had 312 single-aisle engine installs, 116 more than at the same time last year. (There have also been 16 PW4000 engine installs, exactly the same number as by the end of August last year.) So, large gains in the number of single-aisle engine installs but not widebody engines. The low number of 787 deliveries this year has meant that the GEnx and Trent 1000 programs have had 34 and 14 fewer installs respectively. The GEnx has had 36 installs this year and the Trent 1000 has had four. Even the CF6 with 28 installs so far is down though only by two engines. The Trent XWB has had the largest number of installs of any widebody engine program (64 by the end of August) and it is also the widebody engine program with the largest install gain this year, up 14.

The order intake in August was, like the install total, the largest for the month of August since 2018. A total of 248 engines were ordered in the month, including some for previously ordered aircraft. There were orders for 198 single-aisle engines and 50 widebody engines. The LEAP program took orders for 76 engines during the month and the PW1100G took orders for 122. So far this year there have been orders for 1,280 LEAP engines, 71.5% of the total single-aisle engine order intake. In the widebody engine segment there were orders for 22 GE90s in August, the largest monthly intake since December 2018, and orders for 14 Trent 7000s, the largest intake since December 2019. So far this year there have been orders for 262 widebody engines, 126 more than at the end of August last year. The widebody engine programs with the largest intakes so far are the GE90 with orders for 60, the PW4062 with orders for 54, the GEnx with orders for 46 and the CF6 with orders for 40.                The total number of engines ordered so far this year amounts to 2,052 which is 1,336 more than by the end of August last year and 1,062 more than were ordered in the whole of last year. The engine manufacturers are still plagued by cancellations and 1,200 engines have come off the books due to these cancellations leaving a net order intake at the end of the month of 846 engines. Twelve months ago the net position was -288 engines.

Turning to the number of engines on order, the firm engine order book increased by 50 in August. This was the second monthly increase this year and only the second since the 400 engine increase in January last year. What was particularly unusual about the August increase was that both the single-aisle and the widebody engine order books went up. There has not been at increase of both in the same month for quite some time. The number of engines on firm order has dropped by 232 this year and there has only been a small change in the number of widebody engines on order. The change in the last 12 months amounts to 1,162 engines and the change since the start of last year, before the pandemic began, is 2,146 engines; 7.9%. Single-aisle engines account for 1,756 of that amount.