About this report.

Aero Engine News is currently a monthly business report published primarily for manufacturers and suppliers to the commercial engine industry. (Please note that In early 2025 it will change to a Quarterly report.) We are not taking any new subscriptions until 2025.

It is intended for people who need up-to-date facts and figures on commercial jet engine programs; the latest monthly engine order intake or the number of installs in the last month, or the exact number of engines each program currently has on firm order.

We also publish comprehensive data on aircraft orders, deliveries, production rates and backlogs. The idea is that subscribers get detailed information about commercial aircraft and engine programs, updated every month.

Aero Engine News is the only industry report with all this information. So, for example, if you need to know how many LEAP or PW1100G engines were ordered last month, or how many GE90 or Trent XWB installs there were, or how many Trent 7000 or PW4062 engines were on firm order at the end of last month, this is your go-to report. It also has details of aircraft orders, deliveries and backlogs.

It is electronic – we send it out in Word format as an email file attachment each month. Issues normally go out in the first week of the month and each is about 90 pages/1MB.

Aero Engine News provides up-to-date order book information on all the large commercial jet engine programs as well as large commercial jet aircraft programs.

Every month we list : New engine orders; Gross and Net engine orders; New engine installs; The current firm order book of each engine program; the engine orders of all customers, by engine program.

Every month there are details of: The large commercial jet aircraft backlog, by program; orders for new jet aircraft; deliveries of new aircraft; current aircraft production rates.

In every issue:

Aero Engine News is laid out in A4 magazine format and has the same industry sections each month.

Summary Data Engines and Summary Data Aircraft.

These tables show single aisle and widebody aircraft and engine backlogs, orders and deliveries at the end of the last month, at the start of the year and at the same time 12 months ago.

The Engine Manufacturers’ News.

A roundup of the engine manufacturers’ news announcements in the last month; orders they have taken, new facilities, recent engine MRO contracts and any leadership changes.

Industry Overview.

This is a brief (usually one page) overview of the engine order, install and order book situation at the end of the last month.

The Engine Order Book.

Tables and charts showing the current order books of each engine program; the single-aisle and widebody engine order book development over the past two years, each engine program’s share of the single-aisle and widebody engine order books, the share each engine program has on different aircraft programs, the list of customers with firm aircraft orders but no engine selections yet and, finally, tables showing each engine program’s monthly order intake and monthly number of installs in the last 12 months.

The Large Commercial Jet Aircraft Backlog.

Tables in this section show the current backlogs of each aircraft program and what the backlogs were at the end of each of the last four quarters. In addition there are tables showing different aircraft programs’ share of the single-aisle and widebody backlogs.

Orders for Large Commercial Jet Aircraft.

Charts showing monthly orders for single-aisle and widebody aircraft over the past two years and tables showing the monthly order intake of each aircraft program over the last 12 months. Charts also show gross and net orders at the end of the last month.

Deliveries of Large Commercial Jet Aircraft.

Tables show monthly deliveries of each aircraft program over the past year, the total number of deliveries by each program so far this year and the change in delivery numbers from the same period a year ago.

Aircraft Production Rates.

Latest available production rates for each jet aircraft program including the projected number of deliveries in the current year.

Engine Programs: The Firm Order Books.

These tables show the number of engines each customer has on firm order for each engine program.


There are four appendices each relating to the last month: Aircraft orders, Engine orders, Aircraft deliveries and Engine installs.