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About this monthly report.

Aero Engine News is a monthly business report published primarily for manufacturers and suppliers to the commercial engine industry.

It is intended for people who need up-to-date facts and figures on commercial engine programs; the latest order and install
information, for example, or numbers showing the size of the firm engine order book, sometimes called the backlog. Because the
engine industry is so closely tied to the commercial aircraft manufacturing industry, we include comprehensive details about aircraft
orders, deliveries, production rates and backlogs. The idea is that you, as a subscriber, have all the relevant information about
the industry, updated every month.

Aero Engine News is, actually, the only single-source industry report with all this information. It is very detailed and we do have
to say that one issue looks pretty much like the next - because we update all the tables and charts every month. We work out
the figures for orders and installs and engine program order books - they are not otherwise in the public domain - and while
the engine companies help us (they all have multiple subscriptions) they don't put these figures up on their websites or in their
SEC filings. So, Aero Engine News is really rather unique in that respect.

We do not have advertising or sponsorship of any kind. This is, after all, a report rather than a newsletter or a magazine.
Aero Engine News is effectively a business tool and we have been providing this information to manufacturing companies
for over 20 years.

On the Latest Issue page you can download the most recent cover and contents page. All new subscriptions start with the latest
issue. You can also see what the report looks like by downloading the Sample Pages - this is a 16-page download with the first page
from each of the major sections in each monthly issue. So you will see the first page of the Industry Overview followed by the first
page of The Engine Order Book, and then the first page of The Large Commercial Jet Aircraft Backlog section, and so on. The page
layouts are intentionally simple and not fussy - what is important is the accuracy of the information.

How you get it :  This is an electronic publication. We send each issue out by email as a Word .docx file. Issues normally go out
in the first week of the month. You may have to ensure that your IT system does not block file attachments from us. Each issue
has a file size less than 1MB,

T&Cs : Yes, we do have Terms and Conditions. At Industry Research Group we like to keep these fairly straightforward.
◊ Subscriptions are by company and the rule is that once you go over 10 readers, you take out a second subscription at
full price. We rather rely on honesty here. But the idea is that you can easily share the information with colleagues rather
than sending around a print version with an internal mailing list.
◊ Copies are not to be sent to people outside your company - this is intended to be for the benefit of your company, not others.
◊ Copies are not to be sold on.
◊ Industry Research Group holds the copyright to all the data and industry information in Aero Engine News.